Commercial Real Estate Market Situation

To date, 05/16/2019

Commercial Real Estate Market is highly saturated with Tenants of various Directions.
Increased demand for large areas, all this is due to the massive arrival of large IT, logistics, consulting companies on the territory of Ukraine and in particular in the city of Odessa

Are in great demand from 70m2 to 300m2
Market value of such an office in good condition
Will be in the area of ​​$ 15-17 per 1m2

Our Analytical department recorded a seasonal trend.
A big splash of excitement on these areas will continue until August.

Just need to note a few problems that need to be considered when choosing an office, right now.

1) Do not be afraid of high prices!

The hype is big, and many people use it!

The market dictates the price (can not cost office $ 30 per m2 if the number is even better and it costs $ 18 m2)

  • Office owners are constantly in contact with commercial experts who know what repairs are in demand, and what the market needs right now.
  • Therefore, always use the services of a specialist who will orient you around the market, and will help you quickly rectify the situation if the situation comes to a standstill.
  • Often, you can not rent a cool, expensive office at a good price because of the elementary lack of knowledge of how to bargain ethically, and often this is not possible without trusting the Owner.
  • The specialist has confidence, and this is evident, as a rule, immediately, because the specialist knows that it will be better for the owner, with which type of activity there will be more problems and where less.
  • The owner sometimes has no time to solve these nuances, after all, this is our task.
    *** And problems are always a waste of time.

2) Most importantly, all cool Objects are usually located on the site, or within the company.
For this, visit our Website if there is such a need and call, we are always on the line.