How to choose the right office for your business

Factors affecting the choice of office:

A businessman, when selecting office premises for his organization, should pay special attention to the following factors:

This aspect is especially important if the work of the company is directly related to the direct communication of customers and staff in the office. For such a business is best to choose a room in the city center or near it.

It is necessary to pay attention to 2 points:
How developed is the infrastructure in the area?
Is it easy for the office to reach potential customers?
If the main part of the work will be based on interaction with regular customers, then you can choose a room away from the center. It is important to assess the level of the competitive environment at the location. Thus, in direct sales, the office must be chosen away from the most dangerous competitors.

The businessman must measure the value of the profits in order to make a really good deal. We must not forget that in remote parts of the city the rental price, as a rule, is several times lower.


A prestigious place is undoubtedly a very important factor, but we should not forget about the convenience of our clients.
Selecting the office space, you need to know in advance the following information:
Is there parking near the building?
Is there a public transport stop nearby?
At the same time it is important that the client could find the office without any problems and not wander around the back streets. The path to it should be convenient and hassle-free.

-The presence of nearby catering buildings

At the same time, an inexpensive cafe located near the office can perform several functions at once:

provide food for the businessman and his employees;
place for business meetings with partners or customers.

-The time of the office center

Of course, it is best to find such an office, in which it will be possible for a businessman, his employees and clients to get into at any time of the day, including at the weekend.
In fact, it often turns out that a shopping or office center has its own mode of operation, which will have to be respected. Therefore it is worthwhile to compare the work schedule of your own organization and the entire building.

-Level of competitive environment in the very center

Choosing an office, this point should be paid special attention.
It is better to refuse to rent in the business center, if it employs:
direct competitors;
indirect competitors.