For whom is Loft suitable?

Loft style is perfect for:
 1 People of creative professions. In an office room in the loft style, it is easy to equip a workshop and exhibition hall in the same area, bringing the most daring ideas to life;
 2 For those who want to save. The basis of this style is minimum cost and simplicity in everything;
 3 Owners of apartments with a free layout: with windows to the floor and a spacious area;
 4 Young people who are committed to everything new and non-standard;
 5 For those who prefer air, light and large space.

Loft style office interior

The office is a great opportunity to create a multifunctional comfortable work space, an open environment for the exchange of ideas, for rest and relaxation between us.

This design is actively used by various coworking centers, as well as other similar organizations.

The loft-style office interior provides for combining the old (brick walls, stairs, pipes, uncovered ventilation systems, factory fittings) and something modern (new-fashioned appliances, metal and mirrors) in one interior.

The main rule – a minimum of partitions, a maximum of fresh air!