Office Repair

Repair of offices involves the rational organization of living space. The room should be warm, light and cozy, and there should be enough space for people to fulfill their main duties.

Information for Owners and Tenants

What repairs in the office to prefer – designer “turnkey” or modest, on their own, depends on the following factors:
◦ number of visitors;
◦ number of employees;
◦ location;
◦ lease term.
If customers rarely look in the office, there is no need to make costly redecoration in, order an individual project and complex decor. It is enough to paint the ceiling, lay an inexpensive floor, glue the walls with wallpaper. If the business involves communication with customers, you can invest more money, while choosing materials that are resistant to abrasion and mechanical stress:
◦ for the floor – porcelain stoneware or imported laminate;
◦ for ceilings – stretch or suspended ceiling (it has good sound insulation; in addition, it is convenient to mount spotlights in it);
◦ for walls – photo wallpapers with a protective coating.

Important! Renovation is reasonable to do in the event that the office is in your property or you managed to conclude a very profitable long-term lease agreement.

• Note to landlords
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