This is the future and it is in Ukraine!

Not so long ago, private investors began to attract money to one of the most unusual projects of residential buildings in Kiev – Taryan Towers.
About him and tell in a short review.

“Towers of the Future” – LCD Taryan Towers
This project is called “towers of the future” – and, judging by the renders, this is true. The “cosmic” design of Taryan Towers personally causes associations with footage of futuristic cities from science fiction films – and I am very glad that projects of such level appear in our country))

The roof in the three towers of Taryan Towers is supposed to be in operation – a restaurant will be located on the roof of one tower, another – a park, the third – a museum of modern technologies. In this case, all three roofs will be connected to each other – from the roof to the roof, you can go over the glass bridge.

Access to the restaurant, park and museum will be accessible to all comers – individual elevators will lift visitors to them. Part of the stylobate, which will house boutiques and a shopping center, is also promised to be open to all.

At the same time, whether the apartment owners and their guests will be able to get into the residential part of the building – there will be separate elevators going up to the residential floors and going down to the parking, access to which will be possible only by special cards.

To build the LCD Taryan Towers plan in the central, but not such a historical part of Kiev – on Saperniy Field. This is the Pechersk district of the capital. The building address of Taryan Towers is John Paul II Street (formerly P. Lumumba), 12.